Global experience

Our goal is to capture the overall experience of an event: Particular ceremony, concert, sports competition, live event or social event.

How do we do it?

DFly Vision has a broad and professional technical team that adapts to the needs of the event and location. We make spectacular videos of the event with aerial and ground images, but we can also offer you a unique portfolio of photographies.

Better with Drones!

One of the most important benefits of aerial images is the coverage of the shot. In a single snapshot you can capture each participant or action of the event. They are powerful images. There is no better promotional view of an event than a drone view.

Drones are officially the tool to capture events from a global and spectacular perspective.

Security and Professionalism

DFLY Vision works with qualified and certified pilots with great experience in flights for all types of work.

We are a UAS operator registered with EASA and we have all the permits to carry out urban flights and controlled airspace.


Pl. Palmeres, 4 Barcelona

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