Audiovisual Industry

DFLY Vision offers a wide variety of filming services and techniques for the audiovisual industry (advertising, television, cinema, etc.). We have professional drones that adapt to any production and format. We cover the entire national territory.

Part of your team

DFLY vision joins your production team and offers you several drones and recording systems to obtain the best image results. Our team has been creating audiovisual content for more than 6 years for all kinds of productions: international TV channels, advertising producers, etc.

Drones, the solution!

The aerial shots that were previously solved with small planes or helicopters were expensive and were only available to large productions. Drones have changed this situation. Aerial shots are possible without large investments. Their high-quality cameras and ability to fly in complicated areas have changed the industry.

Security and Professionalism

DFLY Vision works with qualified and certified pilots with great experience in flights for all types of work.

We are a UAS operator registered with EASA and we have all the permits to carry out urban flights and controlled airspace.


Pl. Palmeres, 4 Barcelona

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