Camera 20Mp – 5.1K 50fps / 4K 120fps
Apple ProRes 422 HQ
Velocity 68 Km/h
Weight 899 grs
Range: 40 min
One operator

Multiple Shootings | Aerial Photography | Indoors


Sensor Super 35 – 5.2K
Apple ProRes / RAW
Velocity 94 Km/h
Weight 4 Kg
Range: 25 min
Two Operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | High Speed ​​Tracking


Camera Alexa, Sony, Canon, Red, Rig360
Apple ProRes / RAW
Velocity 65 Km/h
Weight 9 Kg
Range: 15-20 min / camera
Two operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shoots | Multicamera


Camera GoPro 4K 60fps
Protected propellers
Velocity 72 Km/h
Weight 380 grs
Range: 6 min
One operator with FPV glasses

Multiple shoots | Precision Shoots | Indoors


Camera GoPro 4K 60fps
Velocity 180 Km/h
Weight 488 grs
Range: 6 min
One operator with FPV glasses

Multiple shoots | High speed tracking | Extreme Sports


Camera Red Komodo, Zcam, BlackMagic Pocket
Velocity 95 Km/h
Weight 1400 grs
Range: 3-6 min / camera
One operator with FPV glasses

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | Multicamera


Where can we fly?

As European UAS operators we can fly all over European and Spanish territory. Always managing permits needed for each flying area.

Can we fly in cities?

Yeah! In fact our favorite projects have been shot in cities. It takes a lot of planning and permit management 15-20 days in advance, but the results are incredible.

Can we fly in events?

Yeah! Always respecting safety distances from crowds of people. Take-off and landing area must be delimited to the passage of people.

How high can we fly?

The maximum height allowed is 120m. But it can be reduced if we are within the airport security area.

How far can we fly?

According to VLOS flight regulations, pilots can take drones up to a max 500m away if they are in the field of vision. In BVLOS flights it can be extended with an observer up to 2,000m.

What happens if there is wind?

To obtain the best results, we recommend flying with a maximum of 35km/hr of wind, otherwise vibrations may appear in the video shots.

Can we fly at night?

Yeah! We can do night shots. But ideally, the pilot should locate the flying area with daylight.

Can we fly indoor?

We have small drones perfect for flying indoors. The pilot needs to confirm that the space is enough for the flight, and we always need the authorization of the property.

Can we fly with rain?

Unfortunately, we cannot fly under rain. Water drops on the camera optics would ruin the shot, and the drone could be damaged. That’s why we are very flexible when it comes to finding the perfect day to fly.


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