Where can you fly?

We are authorized by AESA and therefore we can fly throughout the national territory. Always respecting the forbidden areas and managing the necessary permits for each flight.

Can you fly in Barcelona?

Yes! In fact, our favorite projects have been shot in Barcelona. It involves great planning and management of permits, but the results are incredible.

Can we fly at events?

Yes! In crowds of people the drone must be within the visual range of the pilot at a maximum distance of 100m. The take-off and landing area must be limited to people or vehicles, maintaining a distance of 50m from the group of people or buildings.

How high can you fly?

AESA determines that the maximum height allowed is 120m.

How far can you fly?

Although we have drones that can fly kilometers away, our pilots carry drones up to a maximum of 500m away and always with the drone in their field of vision, as allowed by AESA.

What happens if there is wind?

To obtain the best results we recommend flying up to a maximum of 35km / hr.

Can you do night flights?

Yes, with the authorization of AESA and proving that it is a safe flight, we can do night shots. The pilot should always analyze a the area during the day.

Can you fly indoors?

We have small drones perfect for flying indoors. The pilot needs to confirm that the space is suitable for the flight and we need authorization of the location.

Can you fly with rain?

Unfortunately we can not fly with rain since there are electrical elements exposed in the drone and water in the camera lenses would ruin the shot. Nevertheless, we are very flexible to find the perfect day.



Camera 20Mp – 4K 60fps
Velocity 72 Km/h
Weight 1,4 Kg
Autonomy: 30 min
An operator

Multiple Shooting | Aerial Photography | Limited Interiors


Camera 20Mp – 4K 60fps y 5.2K
Velocity 94Km/h
Weight 4 Kg
Autonomy: 27 min
Two operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | High Speed ​​Tracking


Camera Alexa, Sony, Canon, Red y Rig 360
Velocity 65 Km/h
Weight 9,5Kg
Autonomy: 15-35 min según cámara
Two operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | Multicamara


Camera 12Mp – 4k 30fps
Velocity 65Km/h
Weight 0,75 Kg
Autonomy: 27 min
An operator

Extreme Sports | Limited Interiors | Difficult Access Areas


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(+34) 93 500 52 35

(+34) 627 52 92 40

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