How to produce the best corporate video ever

17 September # Tech

If you search the promotion of your business, inspire your audience and build a strong brand, a corporate video is the ideal vehicle. In fact, corporate videos are so effective that businesses using them are able to grow their revenue 49% faster each year. We want to showcase the ways to come up with the best corporate video with drones. We’ll show you powerful benefits of a well-executed promotional video and the tools to do so.


What is a corporate video?


Not all corporate videos serve the same purpose. Some videos are designed to get new customers, others to get new employees. Some videos want to sell or promote a product, others may be more about raising brand awareness of your company as  a whole.

You must think about what your company has to offer and how you can offer it in a video.

When someone talks of corporate video, we quickly think of glossy promotional video designed to promote a brand, product or services. This is the most familiar format and it continues to prove highly success. Our clients tell us that the video has definitely helped them increase user understanding of their product or service and also helped to increase their sales.

But there are other types of corporate video that can help you with distinct objectives. You should detect which one is the most successful for your business and apply it.


Corporate Video Balearia


For example, when a company has several different regional or global offices, training sessions can be costly and impractical. In this case, what we call a corporate training video can give you a good solution. It can be watched anytime, anywhere, but it can also be watched any number of times and include interactive elements.

If your customers are the focus of your educational efforts then an explainer video is an excellent tool. This type of corporate video gives you the opportunity to deep explain complicated products or services that require a little more detail for your customers to understand. It’s an effective approach to learn more about a product or service.


6 Tips to produce Your best corporate video


 Let’s analyze some of the most effective characteristics corporate videos should contain to make us sit up and take note. We want the WoW!!




Videos allow you to display yourself and your company in a way that can’t be shown using just text. Pic a purpose and find the stories that focus on it. Show your clients the companies character.




Corporate videos give you the ability to merge media in a way that brings out the best of both creative mediums. The possibilities are endless. The more creative your videos are, the more your messages will stay with the viewers: 3D, Animated images, sounds, good music, creative tittles, etc. Use what ever effect that makes your business fly. In other words, sell the product in a fun and engaging way.




A great way to encourage customer buy-in is to give them exclusive access to the inner sanctums of your business. The more connected your potential clients and customers feel to you and your company, the more comfortable they will be to utilize you and your product or services.




Use all the innovation that technology and the industry provides you today. Ground cameras and sound recording systems have evolved but also take advantage of drones and all the stunning images they can offer you. Corporate drone filming makes the difference by far. Use a professional edition team to produce a masterpiece that blows your client’s minds and contract the best drone rental services in town.


Corporate video with drones




Including instruction in your videos not only allows you to give your audience clear and direct instructions, but also allows you to present yourself as an expert on the topic you’re talking about. This gives you an opportunity to educate your viewers, either about your business directly or on related products and services, allowing you to be the perfect subject matter expert.


Production Values


No one is expecting your company video to look like a glossy Nike ad or a blockbuster action movie, but that doesn’t mean it should look like someone shot it on their iPhone. If you want a corporate video that will have impact you need to invest in production like any other marketing measure or company initiative. A good strategy, a good pace, a good coordination will give you the clue to success.


Now that you have some basic tips, start working, do some brainstorming , choose a good Corporate Production Company and then get to produce your video using a professional Drone Services Spain.


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