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Drone Operator Barcelona allows companies to work with the latest technology in drones and cameras. By hiring an operator company authorized by AESA, you can capture professional and creative aerial images, always in accordance with current drone rules in Spain.

Drones help to obtain images that could not have been obtained in any other way and that is why more and more companies are betting on the professional services offered by operators. It is the key to success. Large companies and SMEs that invest in innovation and updating outsource these services.

Drones fly over the service business, betting on innovation, creativity and professionalism. Drone Operator Barcelona increases the effectiveness of a project and revalue the company. We are a team in constant evolution and innovation. We work since 2012 with the best Drone Operator Barcelona in the country.


Why hire DFLY vison Drone Operator Barcelona?


drone operator barcelona


Infinite possibilities


DFLY Vision Drone rental in Spain allows you to merge creativity and professionalism. Giving rise to an infinite world of possibilities and solutions for each project. Drones reach where the human being cannot and their applications are endless: industrial or pest control, construction advances, aerial advertising for companies, social and sports events, etc.


Reasonable price & professional work


The drone operators allow to reach, with a “much more reasonable” price, to places that are not accessible and capture impossible images at first sight. If we compare the investment required by this service with what companies have spent on rental of helicopters and / or human equipment, Drone Operator Barcelona is cheaper.


Technical service without risk


Safety and speed are the keys to renting drones Barcelona. We avoid people having to carry out risky work, thanks to a professional pilot on the ground and a precise flight aircraft in the air. Nowadays, reducing risks is an objective for companies.


 drone operator barcelona


Simplify Your Work


The use of professional drones, sensors, applications and gadgets helps to manage the project more simply and efficiently. The work can be simplified with a drone and a pilot. A good example is how the media and audiovisual producers can better tell how demonstrations and concerts, natural disasters and military disasters develop, and, of course, games and sports events of the most varied. All with a simplified team and with professional and creative images.


Legal Scope


AESA and the drone law in Spain has been less demanding and more specific since January 2018. On the peninsula, commercial flights with drones can only be carried out by operators authorized by AESA. Any activity outside this law faces very high penalties and safety hazards. In addition, AESA does not allow renting drones operated by unlicensed pilots. Companies must understand that the hiring of Drone Operator Barcelona is to work with an authorized operating company.


How to know which Drone is the best for your project?


drone operator barcelona


Here are some of the professional drones that we use for commercial and industrial use, their characteristics and when do we use them:




Camera Alexa, Sony, Canon, Red and Rig 360
Speed ​​65 Km / h
Weight 9.5Kg
Autonomy: 15-35 min depending on camera
Two operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | Multi camera




Camera 20Mp – 4K 60fps and 5.2K | X5s or X7
Speed ​​94Km / h
Weight 4 Kg
Autonomy: 27 min
Two operators

Advertising and Cinema | Precision Shots | High Speed ​​Tracking




Camera 20Mp – 4K 60fps
Speed ​​72 Km / h
Weight 1.4 Kg
Autonomy: 30 min
An operator

Multiple Filming | Aerial Photography | Limited Interiors

Drone Operator Barcelona assures companies: professionalism, creativity, safety, legality and savings.



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