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7 May # Tech

DFLY vision drone rental service has one of the best qualified and professional drone fleets in Barcelona. We are one of the first AESA authorized operators in the country. We fly since 2012 throughout the Spanish territory. We offer drone rental service with certified operators for different aerial works such as: aerial video, aerial photography, events, aerial surveys, corporate videos or tourist promotion, etc. We are specialists in aerial images with Drones and Video and Photography Production.

The current Spanish Drone Law of January 2018, which regulates our sector, among other updated regulations, does not allow flying drones without a Spanish RPA pilot certificate linked to a Spanish drone company operator. We offer the best solution with our drone rental service with qualified pilots who have more than 6 years of experience in the sector and a fully insured technical team.




Dron Rental PH 4 PRO


During this years we have worked in different shootings for all kinds of companies, industries and institutions, along different capitals and areas in Spain. With our drones we have captured spectacular aerial images of the peninsula and its industrial, maritime and agricultural activity. We have great experience in shootings for film, advertising and TV programs.

In DFLY vision we cover different industries: CORPORATE, COMMERCIAL, REAL ESTATE, EVENTS & SPORTS, TOURISM and CONSTRUCTION. Our aerial image services with drones and production of video and photography manage to make any project fly. With our dron rental service you will make sure that your team works with a professional company. Full of creative work and adjusted to your budget and objective. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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Pl. Palmeres, 4 Barcelona

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