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6 June # Tech

Professional Drones Spain have achieved a positive impact in different industries of our country. This is do to several achievements: user-controlled functionality, professionalism, ability to capture high-quality, power to transport large-load cameras and the effectiveness in drone rental Spain.

Despite to the popularity of drones as a leisure tool, its use for commercial and industrial jobs increases every day. In fact, the industry predicts that the market of professional drones Spain will multiply by ten in the next 5 years. Drones are already part of our airspace and are common tools that make their way with giant steps.


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Why use Professional Drones Spain for your aerial shooting?


  • Professional Drones Spain are authorized by AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea). For any shooting in allowed areas or areas with special permits you will need an authorized drone. Spanish laws are clear and restrictive in this matter.


  • All drone operator companies have liability insurance that cover any unforeseen in a shooting.


  • Drone Pilots in charge of the aerial filming must be professional with Spanish qualifications and with several years of training and proof of work in the industry.


  • All drones must be registered in AESA to be an authorized tool.


  • Camera OP. that work with drone pilots are great professionals, also authorized and with great skills for aerial shots.


  • A professional team is the best legal and creative guarantee for your project in Spain.


  • You will save money. You don’t need to transport your cameras to the location. Professional Drones Spain are ready on site to cover all kind of shootings and areas.



Professional Drones Spain Commercial


Professional Drones Spain cover all industries


Real Estate

Real Estate agents, property promoters and builders are updated in the drone industry. It is a tool widely used in the sector. They capture aerial photography and videos of properties in expansion or under construction, private properties, large logistics parks, land, etc. This helps in the display of the property to interested buyers.


Professional Drones Spain Real Estate




In agriculture, drones are used in the analysis of soils and fields, planting of new crops, spraying of crops, monitoring of crops, irrigation or the evaluation of the health of crops.


Cartography and Topography

 Surveyors and experts in GIS are using professional drones Spain to map different sections of the earth. The images and video sequences they collect can be converted into 3D models, special maps and others. Photogrammetry with drones is redefining the construction industry, inspection and architecture.


Construction Survey, Industrial Inspection and Architecture

Professional Drones Spain perform and collaborate in the follow-up of works, mapping, inspections and project management. Aerial images are an innovative solution that capture sophisticated analysis data and offer excellent visual progress. For a correct and professional operation you must have security measures and authorizations to carry out the work safely and in compliance with the Spanish regulations.



The best way to advertise a tourism product is with a professional video. There are always consumers and travelers willing to discover a hotel, region, town, parks or historical monuments. Professional Drones Spain are the best tools and technique to advertise tourist attractions and services. With aerial and terrestrial images, you can create a cinematographic product and a stunning experience that gives spectacular sensations in the spectator.


Professional Drones Spain Tourism


Corporate Images

Companies want to tell their story. A video is the most creative way. It allows you to promote a brand, share business ideals or celebrate the achievements of a team. Corporate video production service focuses on creating an audiovisual product that blows up a brand and makes the message stand out. The filming techniques used with professional drones Spain with a creative edition can make a company and product the best in all aspects.


Sports & Events

Working with professional drones Spain means having the latest technology and equipment for your shooting. They will capture the most important moments of an event, competition or ceremony, to get the best audiovisual product. The event stands out from the competition with an innovative perspective. You can even create onsite actions and brand experiences that will involve the public, guests or participants.


Professional Drones Spain Corporate Event



With drone technology constantly evolving and its popularity increasing, commercial drone applications will continue to grow and diversify.

The industry of aerial photography and video with drones in Spain is enjoying an increasing popularity in all industries and sectors. It is the effective tool, available for any project. 



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