Drone Productions Spain: Procedures and Protocols for remote productions

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DFLY Vision is ready to be your partner in aerial works and drone productions Spain. We are specialized in advanced drone solutions and production services for audiovisual and industrial applications. Our professional team works deeply to perfection capturing video footage with drones for all industries such as Inspire 2 (X5s and X7) and Ronin 2 Drone platforms.

Our aerial company has been providing drone productions Spain for feature films, commercials, corporate videos, TV and documentaries for over 8 years. We also provide industrial innovative services such as photogrammetry, thermal analysis and precision inspections (using 3D mapping, orthophoto, orthomosaic, DEM, photovoltaic systems, etc.)

Whether your project requires a professional production, a manned drone shooting, or both, our aerial production team brings a level of experience to each project that boosts confidence and can be trusted. Our team and fleet follow strictly Drone Rules Spain and offer a Liability Insurance with a global coverage for any shooting.


Remote Productions :  Aerial & Ground Coordination


There is a lot more to aerial filming than just mounting an aerial camera system or quickly flying a drone. Aerial coordination and Drone Productions Spain are the backbone of any successful aerial project.

We can help you develop an effective local pre production. Our team in Spain can manage scouts and location search, request of aerial and ground shooting permits, configuration of work teams and any other extra services need for your shooting.

Whether it’s air to ground or air to air, we will locate the appropriate drone with an experienced pilot closest to your project and consult with you concerning the correct specs you need for your image. We also, will work with you to make sure the camera and lens used in the air matches what you are filming with on the ground.

Pre-production video calls between our production local director and head of pilots and your camera op. and directors are essential, and are a necessary element before each production. We help agencies and audiovisual teams to produce remotely in Spain in the first stage of the Project. Allowing producers to save time and money.

If your project requires a drone rental, we will always make sure the air space where you want to capture aerial footage is compliant with AESA drone rules Spain.

Assembling the right team is important and we can help you fulfill your needs. We can provide the right aerial and ground support team to make everything run smoothly and safely.


Drone Productions Spain


Drone Productions Spain prepare to return to filming with a guide and security proposals


DFLY Vision wants to get back on the road with Drone Productions Spain. Thus we are organizing our return and team with great enthusiasm, hope and care. Because of that we have reached out to our production colleagues and agencies in Europe to encourage them to start shooting as soon as the Spanish Government gives us the OK.

Our team is prepared to implement measures, procedures and action protocols to be carried out in the face of the new health alarm situation and the im mediately following one in which we will have to live with covid-19.

According to the de-escalation plan of the Spanish Government, the audiovisual production and filming will begin its reactivation in Phase I, which will take place generally throughout the territory from May 11th. Except in Madrid, Catalonia and Castilla y León that will be developed at the end of May.


Action Protocol


Spanish producers are waiting for the Ministry of Culture to confirm a preventive action protocol in order to start filming in the shortest possible time. The Secuoya Foundation and the ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts) are preparing this protocol that guarantees the safety conditions of workers against the coronavirus, which has paralyzed in Spain around 300 filming since the state of alarm last March 14th.

This protocol includes measures on access and transportation to the sets or public spaces, “bounded and perfectly closed”; the reduction “to the maximum” of the teams; maintaining a safe distance; and obtaining “serological test kits” for those who require “physical contact”.

For this reason, in the middle of the response phase to the coronavirus crisis, and knowing that the recovery process will be slow, our Drone Productions Spain will adapt the team and procedures to these strategies to guarantee the safety of its employees and clients, thus being able to meet demand once mobility restrictions are removed and activity begins to revive.


Action protocol and Procedures with our Drone Productions Spain


DFLY Vision can facilitate the Drone Productions Spain process of your equipment and shooting.




Through a production video call with the team managers we can finalize the needs and analyze the customer briefing. This way your team can save having to transfer people to Spain in this first phase. We will be in continuous contact to send ideas and proposals.


Search for locations


The teleworking modality will be chosen in most of the situations, to carry out all the location search tasks that are possible, prioritizing that the smallest number of people take part in the face-to-face search for locations and only carry out the dialogue that is essential. To reduce the time spent on location, the necessary drone pilots and photographs will be taken and attempts will be made to minimize scouts. With Drone Productions Spain we can reduce the scout team to one person and collet stunning and helpful images of the área.


drone productions spain




All areas and situations will follow a strict protocol of safety and hygiene. Transport of the international team will be made if necessary in different cars or vans. On set distances will be ensured as much as posible and if reduced distance between team is necessary all those involved will be protected with masks, gloves and the set will be equipped with personal hygiene systems. This includes high hygiene procedures with catering and accommodation.

Once again, our team can be reduced on set as much as one or two persons depending on the drone and production used.

If the international agency or production team decides not to travel to Spain, our professional team is highly prepared to overcome all the production phases and shootings. Our team has specialized professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry: Producers, Camera Op., Drone Pilots, Editors, etc.


DFLY Vision wants to help agencies and production teams to film with guarantees and all the comforts in Spain.



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